SET Plan (European page)

SET Plan (European page)

The SET Plan: Powering the clean energy transition


Over the past twelve years, the EU's Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan has evolved from a plan for change to a plan of action.

For 2030, there are now binding targets of at least 32% for renewable energy and 32.5% for energy efficiency. These objectives have been designed to ensure that emissions are further reduced by 45% by 2030 which is a 5% increase from the target set in 1990.

This is just, however, the beginning of the clean energy transition. Research, innovation and technology will be central to achieving the objectives. The SET Plan helps ensure that the EU’s shift to a low-carbon energy economy advances from blueprints to practice. It is also one of the very few innovation instruments available in the EU that explicitly aims at bringing together research and innovation in the member states, industry and at EU level.

SET Plan implementation plans

Alternatives are needed for energy transition. From 2017, the offshore wind energy is forecasted to increase from 169 GW to 445 GW by 2030. This would equal to a third of the power demand in the EU.

Based on research, the SET Plan offers cross-border ways to address the challenges of the sustainable energy transition. A series of implementation plans by the European Commission include proposals for activities and new projects.

The collaboration between European governments, industry bodies, research organisations and the European Commission can bring breakthroughs in research paving the way for a new generation of energy technology. These partnerships will reshape Europe’s energy future.


SET Plan & ENV Conference 2019

The 12th SET Plan Conference was held from 12–14 June 2019 at the Politehnica University of Bucharest – Romania, under the auspices of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU. It organised together with the external Environment, Climate change and Energy (ENVE) Commission and Conference from the European Committee of the Regions, where more than 120 EU local and regional leaders are working on environment, climate change, energy and space policies. The conference focused on the role of citizens, cities and regions on the road towards clean energy transition.

For more information on the 2019 conference in Bucharest, visit the website.

Past workshops

Workshops presenting SET Plan activities in 7 of the 11 member states have already taken place in Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Estonia, Cyprus, Denmark and Poland. Other EU countries will also host similar workshops.

The workshops were aimed at national bodies and organisations with an interest or role in the objectives of the SET Plan. Key stakeholders from both public and private sectors, including representatives from ministries, academia, research institutions, and innovation laboratories participated.

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Pierre-Loïc Nihoul Press Officer for SET Plan
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